L'Angel Productions "Where Freedom Matters"

​L'Angel Productions is The Official Website for Author S. Lynn Bryant, This is a Book purchase, Life Coaching/Consulting Company. I help people change their lives through coaching, helping them set goals, achieve goals for success. I offer consultations on organizing, publishing, and branding. I help you change your mind to change your life for success. I am also an Intercessory Prayer/Spiritual Warrior. Feel free to submit your request. I have been coaching people for 23 years in the salon, I am Certified through Fowler Wainright International Institute of Professional Coaching, and a published Author of 12 years of (6) books. Books of Poetry, Self-Development, Prayers And Meditations, Compilation with my two siblings, and two short story novels. L'Angel means "The Angel”.  I believe in Angels, do Angel Readings, and seek their help along with God/Creator/ Universe. I am an Intuitive Person and have been all my life.