About L'Angel

At L'Angel Productions we  provide advice and support to people who wish to improve their lives, helping them to make decisions, solve problems, and achieve goals. We have a support group and offer life coaching and self-publication help. Founded in 1999 by Stacie L. Bryant, from a dream advising her about her help for people looking for an Angel. She then started “The Angel Productions” because she realized her mission was to help people.

Life Coaching

 I help people Change their Minds and Change their Lives through setting and reaching goals for success with a Seven Circle Perspective Coaching Method. I am a Certified Coach from the Fowler Wainright International Institute of Professional Coaching. I am not a therapist, or a counselor I merely motivate and encourage you to the abundant life you so greatly desire. A life that past decisions did not yield positive results for you. 

Please select the services you need on my booking site. The sessions start with an initial interview which is $20 via phone, skype or in person. Consulting on branding, publishing etc. is $20 hr. Coaching Services start at $150.00 a session and must be prepaid before services begin. If you qualify for the coaching special that service is $50. a session and must be prepaid as well. I can coach you via phone, person, skype.

Please go to my booking site to make an appointment.